Your advantages


Rather than engaging into a permanent contract with individual resources for a temporary IT task, we believe that our part time consultancy service accompanied with the surplus after sales service and staff training that you and your organization get from us, would be more cost effective for your budget. This model will allow you and your organization to avoid long term investment into permanent resources, yet obtaining a long term after-sales service. On top of the above fact, we also guaranty relatively reasonable charges for all projects that we undertake compared to our global competitors (India, Brazil etc...)

Satisfying any clustered demand through the diversity of our team :

Due to the fact that our team is composed by experts in all fields including Business Management (Entrepreneurs, PhD graduate, chartered accountant, MBA graduate, IT engineers etc), it can facilitate the understanding of your requirement for better service and result. Should any pattern of our service do not completely satisfy your requirement, we do possess the capabilities to offer assistance to your organization with the privilege of possessing diversified resources and talents as well as international experiences that could help, match and fit into your special requirements.


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