Current activities

  • System Migration : Build a new Integrated Management System for CNAPS.
  • Clinical Software development for an hospital .
  • Proximity BBDO Indian Ocean : Software Development for P&G’s (Procter and Gamble) International Organizational Design & transaction system (on Sub-Contract).

Past experiences

  • Proximity BBDO Indian Ocean : Prestation contract for IT service
  • Gallois Group Madagascar : Administrative Program Development, maintenance & Update
  • CNaPS Madagascar : Program Development and On-site Training (Project management & J2 EE)
    CNaPS: Pension Fund Management Institution of the Malagasy Government.
  • INFORCE France : &Program Development.
    INFORCE: One of France’s renowned Accounting Program developer and seller.

Our strength

First, graduated with PhD, Masters Degree from well renowned International Universities: IT University Madagascar, France, South Africa as well as from the United States, our team is composed by qualified and top performers IT engineers, Mathematicians, Business managers and Marketers with a minimum of three (3) years local and international experiences. (Please see our Team Profile window for more details).

Secondly, our belief in “Growth from within” principle has led us to establish IT University; a one of its kind local IT academic Institution as a University conceived uniquely for Matric students who are willing to pursue career in the IT engineering field.

By being the only Academic Institution specializing in IT and new technology evolution within the Indian Ocean region, IT University has obtained an official partnership with IT Microsoft Academy.

(*) IT university est une univeristé partenaire de IT Microsoft Academy, specialisée dans la formation relative à la nouvelle technologie –

Our Area of Competencies

All our consultants are qualified and master the use of the following IT Program development tools:

  • Methodology & conception : Merise, UML, Rational Rose, Power AMC Designer
  • Databases Management : Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, PostGreSQL,, Access
  • Programming Languages : Java, PHP, VB, JSP/Servlet, JSP, ASP.Net, C#, C/C++, HTML, XML, XSL, PL/SQL, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Windev.
  • Software Operating Systems : Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Network system : TCP-IP, FTP, SSH, GNU-Linux Debian , Ubuntu, Windows, DOS, Open Solaris, CICS
  • Scripts : Perl, TCL/Tk, Shell, Shell Linux, Power Shell, Bash…
  • Linux System : (Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat/CentOS) : Installation, Administration et Supervision à distance
  • Network system Management: : Apache, postfix, DNS, Iptables, squid, DHCP...



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